Waterfall House

Waterfall House Our new clinical block Waterfall House is a £37.5m state-of-the-art building is a light open space, home to the UK’s first pioneering Rare Diseases Centre for children, and a combined inpatient and outpatient Oncology and Haematology Centre. Both the Rare Diseases Centre and the Oncology and Haematology Centre were supported massively by donations to our charity and would not have been possible without your help.

This new building will allow our expert teams to deliver world-class care in world-class facilities. It boasts features such as single en-suite rooms, play areas and a teenage common room for cancer patients. The ground floor has a bright and airy courtyard, café, breastfeeding room and a chill out space. 

Our Rare Diseases Centre and surgical areas will open on Monday 30 July, followed by our haematology and oncology outpatients on Friday 3 August. The final phase will take place on Monday 6 August, when we welcome our haematology and oncology inpatients to their new ward.

Getting here

The entrance to Waterfall House is on Whittall Street, directly opposite Royal Angus car park, which makes this the ideal place to park for visiting the block. The postcode is for SatNavs is B4 6DH.

Waterfall House road map

Floor plans

Ground floor

Waterfall House ground floor plan

First floor

Waterfall House first floor plan

Second floor

Waterfall House second floor plan

Third floor

Waterfall House third floor plan