Transition of inpatient paediatric services from the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (BWC) has been requested by NHS England as specialised commissioners and local clinical commissioning groups to develop the paediatric orthopaedic service in order to provide inpatient orthopaedic activity currently provided by the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (ROH).

We’ve been working closely with our colleagues at ROH throughout with the joint priority of ensuring the safe and appropriate transfer of services for our patients and families.

Planning continues towards a transition of services in July 2019.

What next?

Ahead of us welcoming the new service we are carrying out work on an additional operating theatre to increase our capacity to treat the patients we will see following the transition. This work is scheduled to be completed by April 2019. We are also in the process of recruiting additional skilled theatre staff.

Over the coming months an independent review, commissioned by our Trust, will take place into our plans for the Paediatric Orthopaedic Oncology. The service is the most complex of those transferring and will be new to BWC. To offer additional assurance the new pathway being introduced is safe and effective it will be fully reviewed.

What does this mean for our patients?

We’re working in partnership with the teams at the ROH to ensure that any disruption to services is minimal.

To date, no appointments or surgeries have been delayed as a direct result of the plans to transition and we continue to work hard to make the transition as seamless as possible for our patients and families.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask relating to the transfer of services, please email roh.paeds-transition@nhs.net.


We are a designated Paediatric Major Trauma Centre for the West Midlands and a tertiary referral centre for many paediatric specialties including orthopaedics. The Orthopaedics team is large and multidisciplinary, running a fracture clinic and trauma list every weekday morning. We also provide services in many areas including the management of osteogensis imperfecta.

Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery consists of operations on the bones and joints. This could be required if your child has been injured or if they are not developing properly.


Children’s broken bones will often mend if they are put into the right plaster cast. Sometimes a pin or a plate is required so that a bone knits tightly together again. The trauma and orthopaedic surgeons are experts in fixing broken bones and helping children born with bone or joint problems.

We treat a full spectrum of paediatric orthopaedic trauma. We also treat the surgical management of pelvic trauma and work closely with our pelvic surgery colleagues in the surrounding adult Major Trauma Centres. Spinal trauma is seen by our neurosurgical colleagues here.

The team

There are currently eight consultants, with each carrying out a large range of general paediatric orthopaedic services with particular areas of sub-specialisation.

Location and facilities

The team is based on Ward 5 and Ward 9 in the Children's Hospital for inpatient services. Outpatient and fracture clinics are held in Parsons House, near the Emergency Department.

Contact details

0121 333 999 ext. 6683